A little bit about me

Hello and welcome.  I’m truly happy you’re here. 

​My name is Jen Duff Miller, and I work with people who are fiercely dedicated to their vision of an amazing life by coaching them to reach their goals through nutrition, exercise, quality relationships, career paths and stress management.  

I have been coaching, teaching and speaking for several years and have a true passion for supporting amazing growth in people’s lives.  

I am a gardener of people and plants.

One of my favorite, rose-colored memories is the row of green tomatoes on my Grandmom’s kitchen windowsill.  My Grandfather grew tomatoes, and when they would fall to the ground so full and strong but still green, he would hand them to my Grandmom and she would set them in the sun to ripen.  Sometimes I was lucky enough to be up when he walked outside to check the garden, and he would see me and indicate with a very slight tilt of his head that I could join him.  My Grandfather was a tall, stoic, intimidating man to most.  To me he was a safe harbor in a tumultuous childhood.  In those early morning walks through the garden, he would point out a new tomato growing, or the way a certain plant preferred to lean toward the rising sun.  He would hand me the green tomatoes, and I would gather them in my shirt like a priceless treasure.  I had no idea that it was those moments, not the tomatoes that were the treasure.  

I learned later after he passed that he only shared that with me, no one else.  I also learned that he kept only two pictures in his wallet, and one was of me.  My Grandfather gave me many gifts, but I think the greatest gift he gave to me was his time in the early morning to check the garden.  To this day, my time in the garden is sacred and special.  I touch the leaves of the tomato plants, tenderly check on any new growth, and of course gather the green tomatoes to ripen in my window sill. 

Love Letters

I would describe Jen as genuine, honest, and selfless. She's driven and has a passion for her work. I would recommend Jen to anyone who is looking for a realistic approach to increasing their overall health. There's accountability, but no guilt. She gives you the tools and directions, you do the work."
Thank you, Jen, for reminding me of purposeful eating!
Yoga Instructor
Thanks so much for sharing your gift, Jen! I now eat and live my life with a whole new appreciation and understanding!
Yoga Instructor
I can't say enough positive things about Jen. She is extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic about helping people. Her genuine interest is beyond apparent. I'm an extremely private person, but Jen always made me feel at ease, (even when discussing very personal things). She validated my feelings and was never judgmental. Jen really has the ability to point out the positives and lessons learned from situations. Many times she suggested simple changes that I could implement in various situations so that I could see immediate, positive results. Jen is extremely encouraging. She understands that lifestyle changes can be scary and that they need to be implemented slowly so people can actually stick with them.

Are you ready for a change?

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