Coaching Chronicles: Caterina #4

Caterina’s Goals Session #3

  • Buy some jicama and prepared salsa to use an after-work or before bed snack.
  • Prepare two weeks of smoothie kits.
  • Make a batch of Breakfast Bread. Prepare ingredients one night, and bake the next.
  • Email assistant to call Jen for classes
  • Buy a swim suit that fits, no matter the size. Goggles? Cap? What else do you need?

Jen: Hi Caterina!

Caterina: Hey Jen!

Jen: You are shining! Looks like you had a great week. I can’t wait to hear the wins!

Caterina: So many! First, I have to admit that I am obsessed with jicama! How did I go my whole life without knowing it?  I used it for snacks all week long with the Cherry Tomato Salsa from Wegmans. I felt really good about my choices.  I was proud of myself, which is something I rarely feel when it comes to food. 

Jen: That feeling is the best! And it creates such a positive momentum around nutrition.

Caterina: It really did. I also continued the smoothies and Breakfast Bread. I made one batch early in the week after we spoke, and then had some time to make another two loaves for the freezer on Thursday night. I really like the silicon mini loaf pans. It makes clean up so easy.

Jen: They are my favorite! Are you enjoying having the routine or do you find yourself getting bored?

Caterina: I think the newness of both are keeping it fun for me.  I’m not sure if I will feel the same in a few weeks.  I hope not.

Jen: Let’s do a little planning to prevent that.  Each week, you can vary the fruit that you have with your breakfast bread.  You can also make sure to change your smoothie kits. It might be fun to make them seasonal sometimes.  I often get ideas for smoothies from the latest Starbucks ads.  If they advertise a pumpkin latte, I find a healthy smoothie recipe with similar flavors.  I think it keeps things interesting.  It’s also possible that you find a new favorite that way.

Caterina: Great ideas! I remember how boring the egg casserole became after a few days, even though I knew it was healthy and good for me. I don’t want that to happen again.

Jen: One of the ways we can keep that interesting is to use a muffin pan instead.  Having different combinations in the same pan will give you options.  And you can freeze them and only have them once or twice a week.

Caterina: Breakfast feels so easy to me now! I never, ever thought I would say something like that. It’s such a relief!

Jen: Meal prep never needs to be complicated.  In fact, I think simple is the way to go most of the time.

Caterina: I agree! I was making it such a big deal when all I needed to do was take a few ideas and vary, and rotate them.  So simple!

Jen: Huge wins!  The actions that you’ve taken, the energy that you feel from the food, and the realization that this is no big deal are all fantastic!

Caterina: Thank you. I ordered the swim suits too. Both came, and I kept the one that fit. The other one is smaller…so I kept that too.  I know I’m on the right path so there’s no point in returning it. 

Jen: (Smiling) I love it!

Caterina: I also visited the YMCA this week.  I know it wasn’t on my goal list but I was in the area so I just popped in.

Jen: Great! What did you think?

Caterina: (Holding up her key chain.) Look, I’m a member!  I plan to go three times this week.  I already know how I’m going to fit it in my schedule.  On Monday and Thursday, I can go before work because those nights, I stay late for meetings. I’ll pack my bag and my food the night before and have everything ready to go when I leave on Monday morning.

Jen: Wow! You are on a roll!

Caterina: Isn’t it exciting? For my third day, I’ll go during the weekend. That’ll be much easier to fit in.

Jen: I love this plan!

Caterina: I can’t say that I’m not nervous but I’m going to do it.

Jen: How about if we come up with a phrase when the doubts pop into your head?

Caterina: Like, ‘You can do it.’

Jen: More powerful.

Caterina: More powerful? ‘You’ve got this?’

Jen: How about something along the lines of, ‘Athletes practice to reach their goals.’

Caterina: (Laughing) I think I gave you the wrong idea about my earlier experience as a swimmer.

Jen: An athlete is someone who participates in sports. The minute you made a decision to swim again, you became an athlete again. 

Caterina: What was the phrase you said a minute ago?

Jen: Athletes practice to reach their goals.

Caterina: It feels weird to call myself an athlete.  People who go to the Olympics are athletes.  People who get paid to professionally are athletes.  I’ve never thought of myself as an athlete.

Jen: By adopting this concept, you can use it to train your brain to stick to the habits that will help you reach your initial goals.  Athletes train.  Athletes fuel themselves with nutritious food. Athletes use sleep as a recovery tool. Athletes must manage their state, and use stress to fuel their progress, not sabotage their mindset.

Caterina: This is one of those times that I’d like to say I can adopt this thought process, but I don’t honestly see myself as an athlete.

Jen:  Changing a belief isn’t normally a fast or easy process. It does happen quickly sometimes, but usually we need to practice the new belief until we eventually crowd out the old one. 

Caterina: I do admit that I feel some butterflies over the idea of being an athlete.  Or thinking of myself as one.

Jen: What do athletes do?

Caterina: The things you listed like eating well, sleeping and practicing.

Jen: How is that different that what you do?

Caterina: (Laughing) You aren’t budging, are you?

Jen: (Smiling) Offering a new perspective. Any takers?

Caterina: Because it feels a little exciting and maybe even a little motivational, I’ll agree to try thinking that way.

Jen: How will that look?  What will you do to think like an athlete?

Caterina: Wait, think like an athlete?  I was just going to practice thinking that I was an athlete. 

Jen: Why not skip over the part where you allow your brain to dwell, weigh, consider and reject, and jump right into the actual role?

Caterina: (Silence)

Caterina: But just a minute ago you said it takes time to change.

Jen: I did.  And it does. But sometimes we allow that to turn into analysis paralysis.

Caterina: So by pretending I’m an athlete training for something, I skip over the days and weeks of inching my way there.

Jen: You beat me to it that time.  Yes, and what are you training for?

Caterina: I was thinking I would pretend but my real goals of weight loss and fitting into my clothing are so important to me.  I think they’re a good enough thing to train for.

Jen: I wonder if you could reframe that a bit to make it sleek and exciting?

Caterina: (Laughing) Good enough isn’t very exciting, is it?

Jen: Good enough is a concept I embrace when appropriate.  In this case, I want your thoughts to be powerful, not good enough.

Caterina: I understand that.

Jen: Good.

Caterina: How about this:  I am an athlete training for my extraordinary life.

Jen: How did it feel?

Caterina: Fake.  Forced.

Jen: Okay, let’s keep working on it.

Caterina: Do you mind if I work on it for a few days?  Tt feels like a mission statement and I want to get the words just right.

Jen:  Definitely.  What’s your deadline?

Caterina: I’ll send it to you in three days.

Jen: Deal.  Should we make that part of your goals this week?

Caterina: Yes.  The breakfast prep and swimming three days can be the other two goals.

Jen: Agreed.

Caterina: I feel energized.

Jen: Excellent!  Go get busy on your goals. I look forward to reading your Athlete Mission Statement in a few days.

Caterina: You’ll have it! See you next week!

Jen:  Bye!