Put that Burger in a Bowl!

November 29, 2015

​One of the most important things I teach my clients about adopting a healthier life style is that they do not have to give up the things they love.  In fact, they shouldn’t!  Instead of giving up those favorites, the best thing to do is to first crowd them out with better options, and then if they still want them, to find the most fun, delicious substitute they can.

This is exactly how I discovered my new favorite Fun Friday Night meal, the Burger Bowl.

For years I stayed away from burgers because I felt that burgers were ‘junk food,’ and therefore no longer part of my clean eating practice.  I tried the processed, ‘healthy’ burgers only to be disappointed with the taste and shocked by what was included on the ingredient list.  Also I didn’t particularly enjoy eating my burger between two leaves of kale or with a knife and fork.  It just wasn’t the same as a warm, toasted hamburger bun.  The gluten-free versions available in the grocery store offered only a tasteless, preservative-filled alternative. When I began to make my own burgers, and fell in love with this Doctor Yum’s Black Bean Burger, I knew that I wanted to have the fun of the burger back too.  After all, food is fun!  Or it should be.  And of course there’s the issue of the bun.  How could I have all my delicious toppings, avocado, pickles, tomatoes, baby spinach, tzatziki, hummus, salsa, caramelized onions, or onions and still pick up my burger?

That’s when my Burger Bowl was born.  A few nights ago, I happen to put my black bean burgers in the first dish I found, a bowl.  Then I added some cheese, some slices of avocado, baby spinach and diced cherry tomatoes.  Viola!  A Burger Bowl!   

My first Burger Bowl, I admit, was tame.  Now I go all out with salsa and roasted red pepper, blue cheese and roasted (until crunchy) baby red, purple and white potatoes.  I also love to try different homemade burgers like the Black Bean & Quinoa Burger of The Foodie Physician.  My Caveman makes his own beef burgers or buys them pre-made at our local butcher, Olde Town Butcher.

That’s the beauty of burger bowls.  Everyone can have the burger and toppings of their choice.  It’s a perfect choice for a party or family gathering. 

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