Reaching the Tipping Point

October 15, 2015

In my social media breakfast this morning, I was offered a chance to Be Thin, Be Strong, Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Detoxify my Cells, Eliminate my Annoying Spare Tire, and De-clutter my Closet.  Yes, really.

Knowing that social media simply reflects back to me the things I search for, I began to wonder what clues I was leaving to encourage these ads.  As I thought about it, I realized that if I search for healthy recipes, then I must be trying to lose weight.  If I search for healthy dinners in 20 minutes, or clean crockpot meals, then that must mean I have a serious spare tire to shed.  None of this is true, but why does the advertising industry think that we will be pulled in by these offers? 

Because we are!  The idea of a quick fix is so delicious, excuse the pun.  In a fantasy world, we can take a pill or start a new workout video and Abracadabra, we are thin, strong, muscular, detoxified, without a spare tire, and our closets are spotless.  (Had to throw that in there!) 

In reality, it’s not about the exercise program, or the cleanse, or even the food.  Let me repeat that. 

It’s not about the food.

It’s about a decision to feel better.  It’s about getting to the point that you are no longer willing to feel tired, achy, bloated, and discouraged.  It’s about a Tipping Point.  

I was fortunate enough to find a tribe that supports me in exercising regularly.  Thanks to that tribe, I usually make time to work out in a balanced way a few times a week.  Three weeks ago, my schedule changed and I found that I wasn’t able to attend the regular meetings with my team.  I knew the change was coming, and had faith that I would simply exercise on my own during different hours.  It turned out to be a bit overconfident on my part.  I’ve spent the last two weeks feeling progressively more slug-like, and missing my tribe. 
Two nights ago, though, I reached my Tipping Point.  My body and mind missed the fresh air and exercise.  And I missed the comradery.  Was it so easy to fail after being faithful for so long?  The answer unfortunately, was yes. 

But with the clarity of the truth also comes the ability to make a different choice. 

So yesterday I got my favorite mid-foot running shoes on and I ran. 

Today I am sore.  And happy.  And proud. 

Will it stick?  I’ve decided that it will.  I know I feel better when I do what works for my body.  I know that if I can just put the shoes on and walk outside, or agree to just run once around the block, my body will take over and I will get what I need. 

Now I am hoping that I can reach my Tipping Point on my cluttered closet.  Maybe my social media feed was right about that part after all.