Reading Your Goals 101

April 6, 2016

It’s always interesting when people ask me to talk about what I do.  To give them my title, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, explains little so normally I begin by telling them that I help people change their relationship with food.  My clients would read that statement and nod their head with agreement, but what does that mean?  Great question! 

First let me begin with what I don’t do: 

  • I do not clean out your kitchen cabinets. (That leads to pizza delivery and last minute, fast food drive thru trips.) 

  • I do not send you a meal plan.  (I teach you how to create your own so that you are able to do it again next season, in five years, or when your body needs something different.)
  • I will not give you a list of foods that you cannot have.  (Instead we crowd out unhealthy foods with more nourishing ones.  That little tip works for unhealthy people too.) 

  • I will not tell you which one of the thousands of ‘diets’ to follow. (Everyone is unique and must learn to listen to their body, not follow a plan designed for others.) 

  • I will not judge your food choices, your weight or your life.  (I will help you see the wins and lessons from the choices that you make and how they help you learn and grow.) 

  • I will not tell you to quit your job, get a divorce, buy a convertible or force your kids to grow up.  (I just won’t.)

And here’s what I do:

  • I do cheer, encourage and believe in your ability to accomplish your goals.

  • I do find and focus on your wins and help you to do the same.

  • I do unconditionally support you where you are right now without judgement or expectation.

  • I do teach you how to do practical things like meal planning, meal prepping, grocery shopping and making healthy snacks.

  • I do help you with work stress, relationship boundaries, and lofty goals for the future.

  • I do help with increasing energy and focus, losing weight and feeling comfortable in your own body.

  • I do help you find the exercise that is fun for you instead of another item on your To Do list.

  • I do give you the tools to create the life that you have only dreamed was possible.

How?  Simply with a conversation either weekly or every other week.  We meet and then sit and talk for an hour.  We talk about your wins, your goals, and as a team we plot a course to improve your life. 

With my first few clients, I must admit that I doubted how something so simple could make an impact in someone’s life.  After years of experience, over 30 clients, over 100 classes and thousands of conversations I can honestly tell you that it works.  The successes of my clients are breath taking.  It leaves me in awe to receive an email from my client saying, “It’s going really well.  Something totally awesome is happening…I’m actually enjoying food again and finding recipes I’m excited about.  Woo hoo!”  This after years of frustration and unsuccessful attempts.  She has been with me for two months now, and her family is also reaping the benefits of this increasing happy and calm mom!   

So how does one begin this journey as a client?  It’s simple.  All you do is fill out a confidential Health History to give me some background on your current goals, past and present eating habits and known family history.  You can leave anything blank that feels uncomfortable for you.  And then we make a day and time for your first appointment.  Then the fun begins!  Some clients have told me that they were nervous for that first meeting, but relaxed quickly when they realized that I was there to support and help them, not judge or restrict them. 

Group coaching begins a little differently.  You still complete a health history but instead of one-on-one meetings, we meet as a group with a predetermined topic.  This insures that everyone walks away with the basic level of knowledge and know-how once the group coaching program is complete.  I always leave time for a Q & A at the end of class and we almost always cook together.  Often my group coaching clients go on to sign up for a three or six month private program with me to work towards achieving more individual goals.  It works really well that way because by then, they have all the basics down and we can have a laser focus on their goals.

One of my clients completed her first six month program only two weeks ago and sent me a beautiful testimonial.  I wanted to share her words with you with her permission to give you a sense of what it’s like to be coached.  I blush a bit to share it with you, but her words truly touched me so here goes!

"I can’t say enough positive things about Jen. Jen is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping people. Her genuine interest is beyond apparent. She has wonderful ideas about food prep, different recipes to try, and ways to relieve stress. I’m an extremely private person but Jen always made me feel at ease (even when discussing very personal things). She validated my feelings and was never judgmental. Jen really has the ability to point out the positives and lessons learn from situations. Many times, she suggested simple changes that I could implement in various situations so that I could see immediate positive results. Lastly, Jen is extremely encouraging-she understands that lifestyle changes can be scary and that they need to be implemented slowly, so that people can actually stick with them. I would recommend Jen to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their life. If you are ready to do the work, Jen will give you the tools to reach your goals."

Anne, nurse

Now if you will excuse me now, I have a new butternut squash slow cooker recipe to create!  And yes, I’ll share it with you as soon as it’s perfect! 

Don’t forget, group coaching starts soon and private coaching is always available for YOU!

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