Superhero Powers with a Twist

May 11, 2018

I want you to imagine for a moment that you had the ability to know what everyone says about you.  Everything. All the nice things and admiration as well as all the painful things, both lies and truths.

You would quickly learn who has your back, your warriors.  We have them, you know.  People who fight for us when others speak negatively about us.  Our protectors that stand up for our reputations even when it’s not easy or uncool to do so. 

I’m guessing that you would also end friendships with people who speak one way in front of you, and quite another behind your back.  Sadly, I think we all have those in our circles as well no matter how discerning we are. 

Would you accept this power? At first glance, it’s easy to say yes. But remember, while everyone comes into your life for a reason, the things they choose to do and say are more of a reflection of themselves than you.  Would you be able to not take things personally?  Could you accept others as they are?  Would you curl up into a little ball in your cave never to leave again? Or lose your confidence and believe the things others say?  Or would your confidence overflow as you begin to see yourself in the beautiful light that others do?  That’s my favorite version.

Still accepting the new super power?  Okay, you’ve got it.  But there’s a twist.

If you accept this new power, then everything you say about everyone else will also be known to them, good or not so good.
Hmm. Reconsidering?  Yeah, me too.  I felt pretty darn confident about my new power until that twist.  Have I said things about others that I wouldn’t share with them?  I don’t think so…but being unsure feels very uncomfortable, and not in good way that comes from needing to grow past an obstacle.  I want to know deep in my heart that all my words could be shared, and cause only joy and never pain.  
Time to reread The Four Agreements and practice being impeccable with my word.  Care to join me?   

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